The 2021 Ultimate Business Planner {PDF FILES ONLY}


Brand Sweet Lily Boutique

Designed and developed by Sandra, the original owner of Sweet Lily Boutique, 'The Ultimate Business Planner' was created to sort, plan and organise her own small business. After searching high and low, without any luck, for a planner specific to the handmade industry and for crafty people who make to sell, Sandra decided it was time to design and develop her own planner. The planner was created in 2016 with the help, support and input from over 50 handmaidens and Mums who know their craft! Since the release of Sandra's planner, over 500 copies have been sold with 100% Positive feedback and customer satisfaction. 


[Please note you MUST have the latest version of Adobe reader to open and view this planner. (get it free here- Also you MUST download first onto your computer only, not an ipad or phone device].


Paper Size = A4
Formatted for single-side printing only.
The planner is placed in order, and all 59 pages are delivered to you combined into one PDF file so you do not need to re-assemble after printing. For all page details, please see below.


Most pages are editable, and this includes the column titles. Any parts that are not editable are because they are required to complete calculations should you require to input the information on the computer. Please note that the main heading on each page, in gold, is not editable. Please also note that not all pages calculate totals, especially if you are able to edit the titles. Please see below page details for a more in-depth description of each page.

* Editable features require Adobe Reader, which is free and already installed on most computers. (get it free here-
* PLEASE NOTE that you are not able to download the file directly onto your phone. You must download first onto your PC.
* Only the text is editable- column sizes and page structure are not editable.


1.  Ultimate Planner Introductory Page.

2. Coverpage - Your gold polka-dot cover page where you can input your business name with the option to also add your Logo.

3. Weekly Business Planner - A weekly snapshot of the Week ahead. Highlight all your weekly To-Dos as well as jotting down your weekly goals and highlights.

4. Full 12 Month 2020 Year Calendar that is already pre-filled with all the dates.

5. Item Cost Calculator - A very valuable page that guides you to input the cost of supplies used to make your product, with editable titles to suit your business. Once you have filled in the guided form, it will automatically give you the total cost, including selling fees! The page summary will then let you know what your wholesale price should be and what your retail sell price should be. Too Easy!

6. Item Cost Calculator - Non Calc. This page does not calculate any titles and is fully editable for you and your selling platforms.

7. Monthly Marketing Log - Keep a record of any advertising you pay for, what site it is located on and the expiry date of each promotion. 

8. Customer Order Form -  Record everything you need to know about your order. Your customer details, the order details, the invoice details, postage requirements etc… there is even a spot to put the sticker with the tracking number! This form will even calculate a total for you, including postage.  

 9. Customer order form – Non Calc. This does not calculate for you and is good for printing then handwriting out your orders.

10. Suppliers Details - Keep a record of all your suppliers details, their webpages and contact details. Also, keep a record of the username and password you use to log into their website to purchase and take note if they have a VIP group. Jot down if there is a even a VIP code that you are entitled to use when checking out. Then, for quick reference, give them a rating out of five stars! 

11. Cost Of Supplies - Keep track of your supplies and their individual item costs.

12. Freight Tracker - keep track of your purchases and pre- orders, recording what you have purchased, from where, the ETA and the actual time it arrives. No more buying things and then forgetting about them. Keep track, and make sure you receive them. 

13. Time Management Log - record exactly how long it takes to make an item from start to finish. Great for planning your day and to help work out the cost of an item. 

14. Monthly Sales Log - Record the items you sell, the postage charged, the items cost, the fees you pay and keep a record of your monthly profit. 

15. Monthly Expenses Log - Keep a record of your monthly expenses with a reference to your receipts to indicate whether they are physical or digital.

16. Yearly Profit Log - combine the figures from your monthly sales log and monthly expenses log to keep track of your finances annually. 

17. Email Subscribers - Create your own VIP email subscribers list.

18. Monthly Mileage Log - record all your travels for tax purposes.

19. Monthly Promotions Log - Keep track of all monthly promotions, how you advertised, what worked and what didn't. 

20. Product Inventory - keep a record of all the items you have made, sold, and are still available. 

21. Giveaway Tracker - Record all your giveaway information  – winner details, where the giveaway is held, duration dates, cost of winnings etc. 

22. Contacts - A page to record all your contacts. Never forget another mums name on Instagram, here is the place to jot them all down.

23. Followers Tracker - Keep a monthly record of your followers across all your social media platforms so you can see how you are growing each month. 

24. Customer Waiting List - Need to have a waiting list for a specific product? No more forgetting who is contacting you for quotes, or to make an order with you. This is also good for jotting down pre-orders. 

25. My Business - A page for you to record all your business information – your ABN number, Tax number, your domain names, website username and passwords, your facebook and Instagram account details and also your BSB and Account details to give out to customers. Everything you need to know about your business can be recorded on this sheet.

26. Price List -  Record all the items you make here and their price you sell them for as a quick reference. This sheet is also used to record your competitors prices!

27. Favourite Accounts - A page for you to record your favourite Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

28. Hashtags - A page for you to record your favourite hashtags that you like to use on Instagram. 

29. Flatlay Props -  A page for you to record all the flatlay items you use and where you purchased them all from. No more adding a prop into your flatlay and then not able to tag the maker because you have forgotten!

30. Notes - A gold polka dot themed notes page. Either type directly into the lines provided or print out and write.

31. Ideas and Inspiration Page. - A page designed for you to collect inspirational pieces, jot down ideas and sketch out some new items. 

32. Next Release Planner - My favourite page to record your new and upcoming releases or market nights… include your colour themes, styles, fabric swatches along with a table for you to list the items you will have available for sale, their price and quantity. 

33. Accounts Reps / Enthusiasts and Collabs sheet -   A page for you to record your current Brandreps, their details, their page details, the age and the size of the brand rep etc. Then there is a table for you to record the outfits or items that you have sent, the date you have sent them and a place to write (or stick ) the tracking number.

34. Purchase Order - Your very own purchase order. Simply fill in the required areas by typing directly into the spaces provided, or print out and hand write.

35. Fabric Swatch cards - 4 per sheet. simply cut them out and hole punch on the circle indicated. Glue down your fabric samples and record all you need to know - name of fabric, where it was purchased from, the material type and the cost per metre. Use your swatch cards as a quick reference for viewing all your fabrics and co-ordinates.

36. Invoice - your very own invoice. Simply fill in the required areas by typing directly into the spaces provided, or print out and hand write.

37. Market Stock -  Prepare for your next market day with a sheet made for everything you need to know on the day. A list of your available items, sizes, prices, what has sold etc.

38. Receipt - our very own receipt page. Simply fill in the required areas by typing directly into the spaces provided, or print out and hand write.

39. To Do list - A stylish polka dot themed to do list - Simply fill in the required areas by typing directly into the spaces provided, or print out and hand write.

40. Progress Sheet - Track how you are doing with the items you make, mark off once they are completed, record the time it took to make and even mark off once they are posted.

41. Baby Fashion Design Template - A page designed for you to design your baby outfits with a baby model ready for you to draw over your designs. Record the fabrics you want to use along with all the item details. Great for planning your next designs for babies.

42. Toddler Fashion Design Template - A page designed for you to design your toddler outfits with a toddler model ready for you to draw over your designs. Record the fabrics you want to use along with all the item details. Great for planning your next designs for toddlers.

43. Tween Fashion Design Template - A page designed for you to design your kids outfits with a baby model ready for you to draw over your designs. Record the fabrics you want to use along with all the item details. Great for planning your next designs for kids.

44. Stockist Ordering form - Great form to use to when ordering from your next supplier to record all information you need to know about your order.

45. Laybuy / Custom form - Record your customers orders who choose to arrange a payment plan with you.

46. Wholesale order form - If you offer wholesale, this form is perfect for you to record all your wholesale information with your customers. Use this form to send to your wholesale customers with all the product and price information.

47. Cut List - If you work in a production line then this page comes in handy to record the list of items that need to be made and in their order and you can simply tick off the steps completed as you go. Perfect for organising your day or week ahead of the items that need to get done.

Once you have completed checkout there will be a link provided for you to download your planner. Please download the planner to your desktop. No actual pages will be posted to you. All photos shown are of the actual planner. This listing is for PDF files only. Colours may vary from screen to printer.

I feel my planner will be everything you require to successfully run and organise your small handmade business. However, I understand that not every page may suit, so, should you require a custom page to add into your Ultimate planner, please contact me at any time and I would be happy to create one for you. Please also check the store regally for page add ons, updates, and of course the yearly financial calendar for future years.

Should you have any difficulties, require any support, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Please do not copy or share the file once you have purchased.

I really hope you enjoy your new planner as much as I have enjoyed using mine.