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Are you a fellow sewer?

I am a fabric addict!! Unfortunately there just aren't enough hours in the day to sew all the fabric that I have, so a destash is NECESSARY!!

These gorgeous fabrics are all sourced from wholesale suppliers and are the designer fabrics that I use in my handmade creations. 

Purchase is by the half metre

If 2 or more units are selected fabric will come in a continuous cut.

1 Unit = 0.5 Metres

2 Units = 1 Metre

3 Units = 1.5 Metres 


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  1. Tilda Woodland Hazel Lavender
  2. Tilda Woodland Hazel Sage
    Sold Out
  3. Tilda Woodland Hazel Blue
  4. Tilda Woodland Clara Plum
  5. Tilda Woodland Clara Blue
  6. Tilda Woodland Clara Teal
  7. Art Gallery Daydream Gentle Petals
  8. Art Gallery Aquarelle Impressionist Wash Fresh
  9. Art Gallery 365 Fifth Avenue Dressing Room Teal
  10. Art Gallery 365 Fifth Avenue Betty Ann’s Charm